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I. Background Information

Bronx Children’s Museum (BxCM) will be a unique venue for children and their caregivers in the only NYC borough currently without a children’s museum.  BxCM is a community-driven, social justice-infused, arts-centric, interactive museum with the vision of supporting the dreams and cultural identities of those living in the Bronx.  Currently operating as a mobile museum or a museum “without walls,” staff is providing rich and varied programming in schools, shelters, and parks.  The Museum currently engages 15,000 children annually.  It is poised to launch a new phase and will be opening a 13,000-square-foot space in the South Bronx in 2019.  Now underway, building construction is fully funded by the City and State.  The Museum will continue to operate both “with” and “without walls,” always dedicated to reaching children wherever they might be.

Bronx Children’s Museum is calling this series of Requests (RFQs) our “Arts Builds Community (ABC) Program.” It embodies the mission of the Museum and its commitment to be grounded in the Bronx community and reflect the borough’s artistic excellence.  ABC is a community-based initiative that will offer a number of both competitive and awarded commissions. BxCM encourages all artists interested in working with the museum to apply to the RFQ. This RFQ will be open through January 25, 2018.

The goal of the ABC program is to give both voice and agency to young children and the artists of the Bronx in creating art for the new Museum.  It also aims to help ensure that BxCM is not only a space for the children, but that it is influenced, shaped, and created by them.  The project intends to nourish the creativity, talent, and activism of the children and to support the artists working in partnership with the youngsters. While we strongly encourage artists to work with children, not all awards will require it. 

All artists responding to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) are encouraged to visit the Museum’s website (http://www.bronxchildrensmuseum.org) to get more information and familiarize themselves with the Museum’s mission and goals. 


II. Description

Bronx Children’s Museum is entering a significant phase of planning where we intend to work closely with the Bronx artist community.  Therefore, we request that artists who are residents or have a strong connection to the Bronx respond to this RFQ.  The Museum’s goal is to create a large pool of artists in our selection process that will ultimately result in multiple commissions. BxCM is currently planning on awarding any number of competitive commissions in addition to a awarded commissions over the next 16- 24 months. We are looking to create partnerships with artists who work with:

  • Sculpture
  • Mobiles or Kinetic Art
  • Mosaics
  • Painting/Murals
  • Multimedia installations
  • Photography
  • Mixed media
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Installation
  • Illustration

III. Eligibility

This RFQ is open to all professional and emerging artists who have a strong connection to the Bronx with experience creating (designing, fabricating, installing, or overseeing the installation of) public art in active, urban settings.  Professional artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and/or peers as a professional of serious intent and ability.  Indicators of an individual’s status as a professional artist include, but are not limited to: income realized through the sole commission of artwork; frequent or consistent art exhibitions; placement of artwork in and/or upon the exterior or grounds of public institutions or museums; receipt of honors and awards, and; training in the arts.

IV. General Submission Instructions

All required submittal materials must be submitted via the online Submittable portal provided at the beginning of the RFQ.  Artists will need to create a Submittable account and provide images and associated materials.

V. Required Materials for RFQ

1. Artwork Images

Six to ten (6-10) images of at least three (3) different completed artworks or projects are required, along with the following information for each: title, medium, category, dimensions, price/value, year completed, and additional description including location and name of commissioning agency.  Only provide images of projects that have been realized to final completion.  Images of proposals, models, computer-generated images, and/or incomplete projects will not be reviewed and may disqualify the Artist.  Slides, videos, prints, or any submissions of physical artwork will not be accepted.  Links to online work, however, may be included as part of the application.

These images should serve as an overview of your work relevant to this RFQ and will be the basis upon which the initial selection of artists will be made.  Images must be JPEGs with maximum file size of 5MB.

Letter of Interest  

All applicants need to submit a letter of interest that includes the following.  (The letter should be between 250-500 words.) 

  • Artist Statement
  • Experience working with children and families. Provide an example of how your work engages families and children; or, if you haven’t worked with this audience previously, please give an example of how your work might involve or engage families and younger audiences.
  • Experience working collaboratively with commissioning teams in producing engaging and interactive public works.
  • Please include name, address, email, telephone, and website (if applicable) on this document.

Resume/CV, including List of Professional References

Emphasize professional public art experience.  If submitting as a team, compile all resumes into a single document.  Please include Artist(s)’ name, address, email, phone, and website on this document.  We request that resumes be no longer than 2 pages, not including the list of professional references.

Include at the end of each resume a list of a minimum of two (2) art and/or design professionals who have detailed knowledge of the Artist’s work and working methods, including fulfilling deadlines, working with the community, etc. Include contact name, organization, address, telephone, and email for each reference.

VI. Time Line For Artists

November 15, 2017: Artist Info Meeting at Bronx Museum of the Arts
January 25, 2018: Deadline for RFQ submissions 
February 2018: Arc Committee meets to review Artists
March 2018: Selected Artist Interviews to work with Little Friends Of The Museum (LFOM)
April / May 2018: Finalists selected and notified to work with LFOM
Summer 2018: Deadline for finalists’ proposal submissions and final presentations to BCM
Summer 2018: Selection of winning artist for Hanging Sculpture first commission

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